A group of young people, guided by master carpenters and restorers, on a journey to master the beauty and artisan skills that fascinate and engage great designers.

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A project born of an ancient love for wood

At San Patrignano carpentry we don’t have automatic machines or much space. However, we love wood, creativity and people who want to change their life and the world in general. The carpentry is a story of genuine obstinacy, of making things by hand and making them well, to the smallest detail. A dream that is in no way impossible. On the contrary, we love trees, recovering wood and rehabilitating people.


Discover the history of San Patrignano projects that create design objects by recovering natural materials and focusing on the rehabilitation of people.

Creativity, technique and experimentation have attracted and fascinated even great designers. Arts and crafts that slowly form and transmit the value of “doing good” to the young residents that, with great humility and pride are taking their lives back.



Karim Rashid Design

Wanting to make the most out of the San Patrignano barrel form with no waste and take advantage of the beautiful deep-aged wine stain on the inside of the wood, I turned the wood around to create an obvious stool and table. We see an object differently when its inside out...


Michele De Lucchi Design

The Doga Table makes the most of the curvature of the casks in the four legs, which are slightly concave compared with the tabletop, giving them a nice sober shape, and in the tabletop, made from the combination of several curved staves. The stave is treated like a basic unit of materia, as a module that, repeated, linked in a straightforward joint and supported by the metal structure, also contributes a material worth to the object: the beauty of the wood, perfumed by the wine.

Wine Table

Carlo Colombo Design

I began with the history and emergence of the barrique, that inspired me to create this structure, which, like a backbone stemming from the reuse of the barrique, sustains and lends stability to the supporting surface. Moreover, this binding of curved elements held together by a straightforward joint and two boards recalls the magnificent old ships, which sailed and ruled the water in centuries past.


Claudio Bellini Design

Accustomed to working together humbly to contain, sustain, protect, hold and carry, the wooden staves, an elementary part made in a high-quality and living material, have made an important contribution to humankind from time immemorial. Even now, untiring, our staves of French oak, extricated from their original function, are together for a new adventure.

Miss dondola

Angela Missoni Design

I joined the San Patrignano Project immediately. In addition to my involvement with Riva, with whom I had already worked on the Briccole Project in Venice, then as now, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the wooden staves of the casks was to “engineer” the object itself, using it in its essence, not transforming it into something other than itself. I like mobile things and the idea of using them just as they are. I therefore came up with the idea of threading multicoloured strings joined by big knots between one piece of wood and the other to keep them together and maintain their alignment. The immediacy of use is what pushed me most in this direction.


Mario Botta Design

The elements recovered from the concave casks are used as a seat or surface for a bookcase. The vertical parts are joined at the top so as to guarantee the overlay of the individual modules. The strength of this system clearly lies in the multiplicity of elements, which, as they are repeated over several overlapped levels, can redesign new images in the space.


Giuliano Cappelletti Design

Stave Table stems from the idea of respecting the original form of the cask, but with a new way of binding together the staves instead of using a string to eliminate any cracks, as was done for millennia (the origin of this is unknown). Instead, we assembled the single staves simply by turning the profile. The planks, fixed to a metal structure, thereby leave a space between one stave and the next, ensuring that light passes through the structure, creating a cadenced chiaroscuro effect, making the final outcome light and intriguing.


Pierluigi Cerri Design

I find the inclination to recover manufactured articles and put them to other uses commendable. The project consists in dismissing the original function in favor of a new one. This project includes all the other “Barrique” projects. Barriques are small French oak casks used to age and aromatize fine wines with care. Once they have exhausted their role, they lend themselves to new interpretations…

Poltrona Lounge

Antonio Citterio Design

The small armchair is made from reusing the extraordinary seasoned oak wood of the casks, making the most of its intrinsic properties without overly emphasizing its previous use. The staves, suitably treated to remove any traces of tannin, are assembled on the wooden structure of the seat using elements (also in wood), which resemble the bung of the casks. The result is a comfortable seat in polished oak that recalls the former life of the prized material in a detached and unromantic way.


Chiara Ferragamo Design

A precious container which explodes in its single components, revealing the functionality of the unique and apparently repetitive shapes. Lived elements, painted by the comparison between wine and wood which, freed by metal circles, come alive, turn around, move over and they recompose in new shapes. Draghessa was born like this, the staves rotate and reveal the red-purple color. The extremities move to the center, the external side exchanges with the internal emptying in the perimeter and making the seat, through the alternation of plenums and voids…

Tino Cavallino

Giuseppe Leida Design

The design of “Tino Cavallino” was inspired by carefree childhood life, cradled by play and upbringing; a stylized horse for a child of two or three years of age, easy to produce and made using reused elements such as the staves of the barriques. Tino will be a friend to some lucky children and the pride of adults who know that, while making it they will recover themselves, as well as the casks.


Daniel Libeskind Design

The ARCHE side table by Daniel Libeskind for Barrique is inspired by the curvature of the staves of the wine barrels of San Patrignano, as well as their archaic, yet timeless, character. The vertical arc of the barrel stave is transformed into a horizontal curved element that can be used as a side table or even a bench.


Franco Origoni and Matteo Origoni Design

Recycling the wood of wine casks, which have become unusable, to create items of everyday use is not a straightforward project. The barrique is actually made from a set of curved staves, a product of the work of skilled artisans: the master “bottai” (coopers). It’s therefore not a matter of recycling waste wood, but of reusing a finished product, as if it were a prefab, without radically changing it…

Single Lamp

Paolo Pininfarina Design

Leaving unchanged the arc that distinguishes the side of the cask, Pininfarina inserted some cutting-edge technology into the wood of the aged barrique: LED lighting. The wood of the casks, otherwise destined to ruin, therefore takes on a new life by becoming an object of design in line with the philosophy of San Patrignano, where the young residents have an experience that helps them to head in a new direction.


Davide Riva and Maurizio Riva Design

Made using the oak of casks and barriques, sitting around it you breathe in the wine that it looked after up until now. “Mattia”, the name of my little grandson, who grows strong and good every day like the vines and their precious fruit. – Maurizio Riva


Alejandro Ruiz Design

Astute, curious and hopeful! A toy made from wood already used for other purposes: is it a stratagem with which to distract the defences? A victory in which strength is inferior to ideas.

DOC - chaise longue

Marc Sadler Design

The revival of the wood of the San Patrignano barriques was inspired by a wish to leave unaltered that feeling of a life well lived and strength for which they were created. The DOC chaise longue, which I designed using the oak staves, makes the effect of a vertebral column visible, where precise male-female joints lock each component together in a sinuous ensemble.

Paravento Plié

Matteo Thun Design

The staves of a cask break free from the metal rings that hold them fast together to preserve wine: wooden segments that hover over the sheet compose new shapes and become something else. And the cask is reborn: a folding screen that - thanks to the concave and convex effect - can take on various shapes and new uses.


“Waste; things to throw away, that are no longer any use. That’s how Tommy feels. Like something that’s been used and played its role.

Then one day, someone takes him to the carpentry and tells him to look. Old, worn out pieces of wood that were once wine barrels are given an unusual treatment. They are no longer marginal, but the central focus. Carpenters are so dedicated and committed to giving them a new form and new use.

At that precise moment, Tommy makes a decision. He’s going to become a carpenter. For a simple reason; sanding and transforming material saved from the scrapheap is a consolation and confirmation; the consolation and confirmation that there’s always a second chance.”


Working with us

It is the lure for all those who love wood and handmade things that leads them back to us, to working with raw materials, to shape, to form, to creating objects that express our dreams or more simply to items that are useful in everyday life, like tables, chairs or chopping boards, things that accompany us almost every day of our life. If you want to support this project and vocational training space, ask us about ordering a product.

For interior designers: we produce Barrique collection furniture items.

For the contract world: we produce items for wine cellars, bottle display units, wine tasting tables, stools and benches, including customised ones.

For wine producers: we make furnishing items and gifts for clients by recovering barrels, vats, tonneau and barriques.

For companies: we personalise corporate food and wine gift items or make personalised gifts.

For the HoReCa channel: we produce personalised tableware items for hotels, restaurants, bars and wine bars.

Large-scale distribution channel: we make small items for special projects and linked to particular times of the year; e.g. small Christmas trees using recycled materials.

We organise tours and the installation of pieces made using barriques and designed by top designers for institutions, foundations, museums and cultural associations and embassies.           

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The search for sustainability also concerns other sectors, wine, bakery products, cheeses, charcuterie, all the result of the commitment to work with a short and controlled supply chain.

Discover the values and commitment of the youths of the community in two key areas of Made in Italy. Passion, culture and education transform high quality ingredients into excellent artisan products.

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San Patrignano has been welcoming and recovering people with addiction problems for 40 years, all free of charge

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Supporting the San Patrignano Community means putting our heart in it and participate in a great life project.

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