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Special corporate social responsibility projects

Each production sector at San Patrignano must contribute financially to the sustainability of the rehabilitation community, which offers assistance to its young residents and their families free of charge. Training and guiding the young people in artisan craft sectors typical of Italian tradition means we can offer them a concrete opportunity to enter the labour market. Meeting the young residents of San Patrignano rehabilitation community always leaves a mark. This is why great brands have been grown and become leading players of the made in Italy scene, as well as splendid examples of collaboration built on sustainability and craftsmanship. San Patrignano is a workshop bursting with energy and creativity. 


A project based on excellence, an enlightened example for welfare, a commitment for a leading company in the international luxury sector and a beacon of hope for many young people looking for future employment.

San Patrignano leatherware workshop is this and so much more and it can also boast the help and support of the master leather craftsmen of Tod’s, the company owned by Diego and Andrea Della Valle, who have always focused on initiatives of this nature. The result of this alliance of hearts and hands is Aurora, a collection of bags and small leather goods produced entirely by the young workers in the community’s training workshops. 

The San Patrignano brand

Aurora is the great new collection that proudly bears the San Patrignano brand.

The collection consists of large and small shoppers, hand-held or with a shoulder strap, bags and small leather goods. Each piece has a timeless shape that the young women of San Patrignano rehabilitation community present again each season in new colours and finishes.

These are timeless, evergreen pieces that have always added a certain something to any look and are perfect for special occasions. The hides used are processed in a way that, at times, underlines their structure and rigidity and at others, highlights their softness and weightlessness. Materials are chosen from a supply chain that favours made in Italy and sustainability. These pieces are made with passion, in order to follow the ancient tradition of exclusive production.

Social innovation and artisan craft products

The leatherware workshop helps the young residents of the community to develop an understanding of artisan products as a fusion of experiences passed down from tradition, know-how and processes of innovation in favour of excellence “designed and made in Italy”. Focus is on the ability to understand the product and knowledge of its tangible and intangible values and highlights the importance of applied production excellence. This background knowledge is a fundamental platform for developing skills linked to all phases of product creation.

The sector collaborates as production workshop with some leading Made in Italy realities and with companies that outsource their production processes within their local district.   

Collaboration begins with a training workshop whose function is to explain the work processes and critical areas of each production project. In some cases, the sector has collaborated in redesigning or creating ex novo products that express new creative energies as part of the manufacturing districts of excellence, which combine sustainability with artisanal craft techniques.

This virtuous circle often ends with the young residents being offered a work placement in the companies that have been our clients and suppliers and have appreciated the human and professional commitment of those who, with enormous sacrifice and courage, have taken their life back into their own hands.

Discover Food & Wine of San Patrignano

The search for sustainability also concerns other sectors, wine, bakery products, cheeses, charcuterie, all the result of the commitment to work with a short and controlled supply chain.

Discover the values and commitment of the youths of the community in two key areas of Made in Italy. Passion, culture and education transform high quality ingredients into excellent artisan products.

Discover the Wine sector

San Patrignano has been welcoming and recovering people with addiction problems for 40 years, all free of charge

Restoring hope to marginalized people by welcoming them in our large family, has a very high cost. With our production activities and services we are able to meet only 50% of our needs.

Supporting the San Patrignano Community means putting our heart in it and participate in a great life project.

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