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leatherwork 19 Febbraio 2020

MIPEL sostiene e promuove la Comunità San Patrignano

MIPEL e la Comunità San Patrignano hanno dato il via ad un progetto di collaborazione che ha tutte le carte in regola per arrivare lontano.

leatherwork 19 Novembre 2019

Una nuova collezione di borse con i disegni di Lugosis

San Patrignano presenta due collezioni di pelletteria interamente realizzate dai ragazzi nei laboratori della Comunità, con la collaborazione di Lugosis e Cuba Lab ed il sostegno del Gruppo Tod’s.

weaving 04 Novembre 2019

Premio Res-Publica

La tessitura di San Patrignano riceve il premio Res-Publica 2019 come riconoscimento dell'alto valore etico del lavoro svolto.

weaving 03 Giugno 2019

Pitti immagine filati

La tessitura di San Patrignano continua la stretta collaborazione con lo spazio ricerca della fiera

weaving 10 aprile 2019

Museo Ferragamo 'Sustainable Thinking' Aprile 2019/ Marzo 2020

Una mostra sulla sostenibilità e un progetto ad hoc realizzato dalle nostre ragazze per Salvatore Ferragamo

wallpaper, weaving 9 aprile 2019

Il Design Lab protagonista al Salone del Mobile

Grande soddisfazione per i ragazzi dei laboratori artigianali della comunità che in questi giorni vedono apprezzate le loro creazioni nell’importante vetrina milanese

weaving April 1 2019

Fuorisalone 2019, the hand weaving of San Patrignano finalist of the "Ro Plastic Prize" by Rossana Orlandi

Colored plastic threads, of various thickness and height, woven together by the manual loom.

wallpaper March 31 2019

Material spirits wallpaper

Classicism and material. A beauty that crosses the centuries and finds new expressive forms.

wallpaper 22 Marzo 2019

San Patrignano con il suo marmo (di carta) al Salone del Mobile grazie al progetto "Doppia Firma" di Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte

weaving 20 Febbraio 2019

Bethany Williams vincitrice del premio Queen Elizabeth II

La designer ha presentato una collezione con tessuti prodotti a San Patrignano

weaving 23 gennaio 2019

Pitti Filati, allo Spazio Ricerca la manualità delle ragazze di San Patrignano

Il Pitti Filati torna a Firenze da mercoledì 23 gennaio, attesa e curiosità nello scoprire quali saranno le nuove tendenze

weaving 18 dicembre 2018

Tessuti sostenibili e inclusione sociale San Patrignano e London College of Fashion premiati ai Green Gown Awards

weaving August 28, 2018

Textiles from San Patrignano for Bethany Williams at Premiere Vision New York

weaving 26-29 giugno 2018

I tessuti di San Patrignano al Pitti Filati

La collezione della tessitura di San Patrignano sarà presente al prossimo Pitti Filati dal 26 al 29 Giugno nell'area Knit club

weaving 26 giugno 2018

I tessuti di San Patrignano in Olanda a “State of Fashion” gli stati generali della moda sostenibile

Il progetto sostenuto da Fondazione Zegna in collaborazione con il London College of Fashion


San Patrignano, con la collaborazione di Cristiana Capotondi e il sostegno di Tod’s, presenta una una capsule collection realizzata nei suoi laboratori

San Patrignano ha presentato ieri una collezione di borse disegnate dall’attrice Cristiana Capotondi, interamente realizzata dai ragazzi nei laboratori della Comunità.


Una vita a colori

A San Patrignano, un laboratorio artistico e di rinascita consente a 25 ragazzi di produrre carte da parati che fanno il giro del mondo grazie ad architetti e designer

carpentry April 15-18, 2018

Barrique in tour: Vinitaly

The iconic collection of furniture and accessories will be at Gianfrnaco Fino’s the prestigious wine maker.

weaving April 17-22, 2018

Design Week Milano

Design Lab San Patrignano will be hosted by C&C Milano

wallpaper April 17-22, 2018

Design Lab SanPatrignano and Oltremateria

Design Lab San Patrignano will be hosted by Oltremateria

weaving January 24-26, 2018

San Patrignano accessories and fabrics at Pitti Filati

The San Patrignano textile collection will be at the next Pitti Filati event from 24 to 26 January in the Knit Club area.

weaving January 18-22, 2018

Paris Déco Off 2018

Paris, France. From 18 to 22 January, C&C Milano presents the new Fragrance collection.

weaving January 10th, 2018

Bethany Williams’ new video

Directed by Akinola Davies Jr., it was filmed entirely at San Patrignano rehabilitation community

weaving January 6 2018

i-D MAGAZINE website, Gennaio 2018 - “Challenging what fashion is and can be, Bethany Williams is exploring social change”

Committed to exploring social and environmental change within her work, the London-based sustainable fashion designer works with marginalised parts of society to bring about positive change and social enterprise.

weaving December 20th, 2017

Female inmates of the Making for Change unit and the girls of San Patrignano weaving workshop swap Christmas gifts

With a focus on promoting friendship, the project started by the London College of Fashion, San Patrignano and the fashion training and manufacturing unit of the London women’s prison of Downview is continuing overseas.

weaving October 16th, 2017

Marie Claire Italia, October 2017 - “Off to the revolution with a loom”

There are social PROJECTS that start slowly and then all of a sudden, begin to FLY. Like the one that from the weaving WORKSHOP of San Patrignano has flown STRAIGHT to British prisons (and to the heart). Who cares about Brexit? - this is the real COMMON market.

wallpaper, carpentry, weaving October 12-14, 2017


12-14 October 2017 - B1D1 Pool area

weaving October 11th, 2017

Polytechnic sustainable luxury academy

At the opening workshop of the Polytechnic’s Sustainable Luxury Academy project, Barbara Guarducci presented the artisan workshops of San Patrignano.

wallpaper, carpentry, weaving September 13th 2017

The soul of materials according to San Patrignano Design Lab at HOMI

For the first time, from 15 to 18 September, Milan Exhibition Centre hosts wallpaper, textiles and carpentry items from the rehabilitation community

weaving September 2017


The Circle is a group of women from different countries and fields (culture, art, show business, fashion, publishing, business, law) that generates ideas

weaving June 29th, 2017

London College of Fashion, San Patrignano and Making for Change: fashion to promote redemption and change

A project aimed at giving fashion a dual role, where creativity promotes rehabilitation and social inclusion

weaving June 29, 2017


The English designer has collaborated with San Patrignano weaving workshop to create the fabrics for her menswear collection presented in Paris in June 2017.

weaving June 28-30, 2017

Design Lab at Pitti Filati

For the 5th year running, San Patrignano is once again collaborating with the Art Director Nicola Miller for Research and Development at Pitti Filati.

wallpaper May 19th, 2017

Design Lab visits the historic Orsoni Furnace in Venice

We were hosts of Gruppo Trend, who warmly welcomed us and helped train the young residents being rehabilitated.

carpentry April 30th, 2017

San Patrignano carpentry workshop furnishes the most exclusive wine cellars

Barrique project pieces furnish the wine tasting room of the prestigious Castello do Cicognola wine cellar in the heart of the southern Province of Pavia.

leatherwork January 2, 2017

Leatherware workshop

The leatherware workshop hosts artisans, specialist companies and professionals from the world of work who impart their skills and know-how.

leatherwork December 5th, 2016

Presented today at Rinascente in Milan, the vocational training project for the young rehabilitation community residents

A new collection of bags and small leather goods, entirely produced by San Patrignano rehabilitation community under the guidance of Tod’s Group.

leatherwork November 14th, 2016

Cristiana Capotondi, endorses Marni’s Museo Bag made in San Patrignano

The beautiful actress Cristiana Capotondi, a great friend of San Patrignano, endorses a special project that sees Marni’s Museo Bag being made by San Patrignano’s leather workshop and on sale exclusively on YOOX.

carpentry 17th October 2016

Barrique, the third life of wood

Sustainability, recycling and recovery. These are the 3 key words that have inspired more than forty internationally-renowned artists.

Discover Food & Wine of San Patrignano

The search for sustainability also concerns other sectors, wine, bakery products, cheeses, charcuterie, all the result of the commitment to work with a short and controlled supply chain.

Discover the values and commitment of the youths of the community in two key areas of Made in Italy. Passion, culture and education transform high quality ingredients into excellent artisan products.

Discover the Wine sector

San Patrignano has been welcoming and recovering people with addiction problems for 40 years, all free of charge

Restoring hope to marginalized people by welcoming them in our large family, has a very high cost. With our production activities and services we are able to meet only 50% of our needs.

Supporting the San Patrignano Community means putting our heart in it and participate in a great life project.

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