Design Lab SanPatrignano and Oltremateria

Design Lab San Patrignano will be hosted by Oltremateria

Design Lab SanPatrignano and Oltremateria

wallpaper April 17-22, 2018

Design Lab San Patrignano  will  be hosted by Oltremateria At the Material Village in via Tortona during Design Week. The sector Wall Paper will present and the pattern created by eclectic Iberian designer Gala Fernandez who interprets the concept of materials that enrich the interiors and that They purify the environment.

Opening from 17 to 21 April: h 10-21  

22 April: h 10-18

Address : Material Village via Tortona

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The search for sustainability also concerns other sectors, wine, bakery products, cheeses, charcuterie, all the result of the commitment to work with a short and controlled supply chain.

Discover the values and commitment of the youths of the community in two key areas of Made in Italy. Passion, culture and education transform high quality ingredients into excellent artisan products.

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San Patrignano has been welcoming and recovering people with addiction problems for 40 years, all free of charge

Restoring hope to marginalized people by welcoming them in our large family, has a very high cost. With our production activities and services we are able to meet only 50% of our needs.

Supporting the San Patrignano Community means putting our heart in it and participate in a great life project.

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