Material spirits wallpaper

Classicism and material. A beauty that crosses the centuries and finds new expressive forms.

Material spirits wallpaper

wallpaper March 31 2019

Classicism and material. A beauty that crosses the centuries and finds new expressive forms. At the Salone Satellite 2019, the wallpaper project as result of the collaboration between the designer Federico Pazienza and the Design Lab of San Patrignano, embodies a wider aesthetic reflection, inspired by Greek antiquity as the bearer of universal values of empathy and grace.

 “Since ancient times objects have provided scaffolding to people’s lives and deaths by giving expression to their hopes and fears. This is why humans have always decorated objects - because they felt them as inhabited by sentient spirits. - writes design critic Stefano Caggiano - It was only with modernity that objects lost their magic to become merely functional, with their decoration being removed". Today, in the new digital age, objects reflect a transformation that urges them to confront the past and makes them bearers of a new aesthetic. This is demonstrated by the designer Federico Pazienza with the wallpaper produced in San Patrignano. A project that combines the digital with the artistic craftsmanship of the handmade, together with an innovative way to refocus the dignity of the human being, starting right from the importance of the individual and from the development of individual abilities and know-how.

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