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With discipline and focus, we learn to dialogue with others and dedicate ourselves to professional training and personal rebirth. Weaving together, we grow and discover the beauty and value of unique objects, made by hand during a journey of rehabilitation from drug dependency.

In the weaving workshop, every day, 40 young residents weave and sew to create products that leave there to travel around the world and support the financial independence of the rehabilitation community.

Thanks to their manual abilities, the young women of the weaving workshop embrace artisan skills and the discipline it demands. The search for harmony and perfection in creating these items is part of an education in beauty that helps them regain self-confidence and learn to love themselves again. The focus is on creativity and concentration, qualities that are indispensable in loom weaving but also and above all, cornerstones in the gradual journey towards rehabilitating their life.

Opening up towards the market has provided the weaving working with new incentives, new energy and new ideas to develop. Dialoguing with the outside world helps the young women to experience at first-hand work methods and approaches to creativity, as well as techniques that lead to the development of an idea that becomes tangible and is then sold on the market. All these experiences show them an approach that’s healthy, serious and constructive. On this journey that exposes their fragility, doubts and hardships, the daily challenge these young women face is untangled on the loom, when their soul-searching becomes the ability to create a well-made product. 

Choosing San Patrignano to keep alive skills linked to ancient work techniques fully reflects the exemplary history of made in Italy, where excellence and know-how interlace.

A journey of personal growth, perfected over the years and supported thanks to collaboration with the Zegna Foundation.

We produce textiles for clothing, furnishings, fashion accessories and home accessories, collaborating with leading figures of the world of luxury fashion and design.

Fashion sector

Continual research in design becomes a creative idea on which to develop products together with our clients.

Private label

We collaborate with brands and designers to develop fashion accessories and textiles for the home. Each collaboration project is created ad hoc and we are able to provide a personalised service to develop designs and products based on client ideas, the re-working our collections and research.


We work with a select number of international clients, proposing our San Patrignano brand fashion accessory collection.

Interior designers sector

We collaborate with international architects and designers to create household textiles and fabrics for private projects.

Production capacity

The weaving mill has nine looms with 24 heddles – two 3-metre looms, two 2-metre looms and nine 1.5-metre looms – and two 1.5-metre looms with 12 heddles.

Looking for her

Produced entirely by San Patrignano Audiovisual, the “Looking for her” video is a unique and intimate insight into the young women who work in the weaving workshops, one of the Design Lab workshops at San Patrignano. 

Discover Food & Wine of San Patrignano

The search for sustainability also concerns other sectors, wine, bakery products, cheeses, charcuterie, all the result of the commitment to work with a short and controlled supply chain.

Discover the values and commitment of the youths of the community in two key areas of Made in Italy. Passion, culture and education transform high quality ingredients into excellent artisan products.

Discover the Wine sector

San Patrignano has been welcoming and recovering people with addiction problems for 40 years, all free of charge

Restoring hope to marginalized people by welcoming them in our large family, has a very high cost. With our production activities and services we are able to meet only 50% of our needs.

Supporting the San Patrignano Community means putting our heart in it and participate in a great life project.

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